What We Do

Our mission is easy: “Help Businesses Get Better By Embracing Technology”.

We do this by following and actioning these six WIN THEMES:

  • The Foundation: Help business owners fully understand what “Digital” means for their business and support the education of their employees
  • Trust and transparency: Create a strong, trusted and transparent relationship with business owners
  • Advanced Personalisation: Reach your business’ audience with relevant messages at the right moment in time
  • Business Growth: Increase revenue and drive desired conversion, whilst optimising workflows, processes and employee engagement
  • Expertise: Get the best digital experts and technologies for your business
  • Long-term: Grow alongside your business over a long-term engagement

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Core Values

Our Core Values dictate the way we work.

It isn’t a one-sided approach which drives the success so, these values need to be shared.

We are certain that these values resonate strongly with you and your business.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is the utmost important and data will support our journey’s success. Only if you and your business is successful, we are.
  • Trust: Trust is a crucial element of working successfully together. By trusting each other, we will tackle any challenge and reach any goals!
  • Flexibility: Whilst working according to our plan, businesses run into situations occasionally which require flexibility. We don’t shy away to help out when required and come out of challenging situations together as a team. Being flexible is a must in today’s digital world and you can be assured Convert Commerce is.
  • Common Goals: We work towards common goals we agree on. Achieving milestones which are clear and understood will help us monitor our progress and success.
  • Expertise & Focus: There are many channels and activities which can be done. Always. So we prioritise and define a plan allowing small junks we can focus on one after another to eventually reach our end goals.
  • Learn From Failure: Also this will be avoided at all times, we will ultimately face challenges, particularly in long-term engagements. But challenges are there to overcome. This can be positive, as long as we learn fast from what is going wrong and get stronger and better from it.
  • Celebrate Success: Being focused and on top of activities is a daily habit. With progress and achievements we enjoy to celebrate our joint success or take some time to relax with a cuppa, a pint or a glass of wine.