Banbayu, A Full Digital Retail Experience Showcased And Operated By Convert Commerce



Banbayu is one of the reasons why Convert Commerce was established. In 2014 I got more involved with the world of Commerce and started to educate myself further on Commerce platforms available on the market. One thing lead to the other and I founded together with two friends the brand Banbayu. Banbayu was a furniture store from 2016 – 2021, offering our own products from Indonesia alongside other handcrafted items from Denmark, France, Israel, Thailand and the United Kingdom. We had a warehouse in Glasgow and a website based on Magento to begin with. Two years of trading and faced with numerous challenges (Shipping, last-mile delivery, web-development), we knew we had to make changes. We migrated the store to Shopify and instantly felt the relief from the previously hours and cost spent in development.

We used the extra funds for additional market budget and it didn’t take long until we reaped the rewards. We got a feature of one of our vases in the Financial Times – How to Spend It and sold it into six countries on the back of that, all with a smoothly run digital infrastructure in place, thanks to Shopify. In 2018 we became a Rolls Royce Enthusiast Showcase and had our very own pop-up store at the Rolls Royce Enthusiast Club Exhibition.

In 2020 we sold all our stock, closed the warehouse and moved to a full drop-ship model focusing on Wallpapers by Mind The Gap. Banbayu is still operational today, solely used as showcase for Convert Commerce Services and testing of new technologies for our customers.

Having gone through a full cycle of a retailer going digital and bridge the gap between offline and online operations, overcoming challenges and experience the joy of improving customer journeys leading to successful conversions, makes us well equipped with the knowledge and experience to support our customers today at Convert Commerce.


“From design and production of products, to container shipments, warehousing to sales, last mile delivery and customer service.
A full retail experience showcased in real-life.”

Patrick, Convert Commerce