Chef At Sea, Show Cooking Star & Schned’s Gourmet Grill Founder Franz Schned Goes Digital



Franz Schned is a german gourmet chef, entrepreneur and TV star, based in Munich, Germany. With over a decade serving fine dining experiences at Sea on board of the many cruise ships of AIDA cruises, Franz Schned has made a name of himself as the “Chef at Sea”. In recent years he has appeared in numerous TV cooking shows as judge and as host, whilst opening the Gourmet Grill in Eching, known for it’s delicious, traditional Currywurst. He has also become the ambassador of the Bavarian Potato association and has his own Instagram channel, sharing his recipes and tips to inspire the world.

Convert Commerce has provided design and creative consultancy, as well as build Franz Schned’s online presence, tailored to his personality and style requirements. His ask were simple and in line with many individual entrepreneurs: “allow people, potential prospects and media representatives to find me online, so they can learn more about me, the services and products I offer, as well as give them an opportunity to contact me easily for inquiries or just to say hi

With this requirement in mind, we have gone to work on content and media assets to create the concept, which eventually lead to the website:



“A truly personalised experience where I learned a lot from Patrick & the team on the digital opportunities.
Very happy with my website and the experience.”

Franz Schned