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    Partner Programs

    Partnerships. A key pillar to make any business more successful. There are so many different ways how partnerships can help businesses: Growth, client satisfaction, employee happiness, extended offering, brand awareness and so many more benefits, that it is essential to have a dedicated partner strategy as part of any business strategy.

    Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning. – Bill Gates

    We have been involved in partnerships as individual contributors and in leadership positions for more than 15 years. The experience ranges from creating, nurturing and actively managing partnerships, partner programs and ecosystems for organisations such as Siemens, AtoS, Microsoft, Inviqa, Shopify and dotdigital. We can help you build a partnership strategy, partnership program and guide you and your team through the implementation and ongoing operations. We are here to support you and establish a best-practice ecosystem, generating opportunities and saving cost, tailored to your business.

    There are many ways how different types of business partnerships can support your growth and help achieve your goals. Following are a selected few of the many benefits of partnerships:

    • Lead Generation
    • Co-Marketing
    • Shared Knowledge
    • Shared Resources

    • Co-Selling
    • Reduced Cost
    • Extended Offering
    • Higher Retention Rates