Our Social Engagement

As much as we are passionate about digital, we also love living life. A great part of this is to give back to the community and the planet we live on with all its natural beauty. We support clean energy projects, efforts to preserve wildlife and help small business owners with an online presence, who don‘t have the means to do so by themselves. We partner and support well-known charities, causes and organisations which drive awareness and run projects, in line with our social ambitions, through our social enterprise, „100 Cultures“. Each small effort counts, and together with our clients we contribute a little part to the bigger cause.

Madagascar - forest


Climate Change is a serious challenge around the globe. Earth started to show in recent years how much in need of protection it is, by answering harshly with changing of weather patterns to the extreme. Examples are flooding around the globe in places this was never seen before, dry and heat spells longer than ever recorded causing fire to break out and storms causing more severe damages than in previous decades. All are signs that something isn‘t right and everyone can help reduce the impact and start the repairing process.

We partnered with Ecologi through our social enterprise „100 cultures“ to support efforts and projects in reforestation, renewable energy sources and wildlife protection. Convert Commerce is a carbon neutral company since day one and we pride ourselves with „sustainable growth“ as an organisation from a business and an environmental perspective.