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    Tech Audit & Research

    Understanding your existing environment, the digital landscape, competitors and your target market requirements, are essential ingredients for success. Audits and research can help you make decisions based on reliable data points and support your ambitions to grow your business sustainably. Investing time and setting a budget aside to gain insights and perform in-depth analysis of the data, will help to reap the benefits in the long-term. Following a few examples how we can support your decision-making process:

    • Business process analysis (identify challenges and solve with tech)
    • Competitive landscape analysis (Keyword rankings, Paid Ads, Technologies used)
    • Gap analysis (identify gaps in the current landscape and provide best possible options)
    • Platform and Technology comparison (RFPs, Tech Selection Process)
    • Target market research (Localisation, Market entry)

    We have more than a decade of experience working at and helping businesses, agencies and technology companies utilising best of breed technology solutions, implementing best practice and supporting business growth based on data and analysis. Having worked agency side, technology side, brand side and in corporation of all sizes, equips us with the expertise and recipes to support your individual requirements.